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Welcome Message Sends More Than Once

Hi there. I am making a discord.js bot, and I have added a welcome message to it. Every time I use the message, it sends one more welcome than the last time, so it ends up sending around 10 of the same messages. How do I fix this?


client.on("guildMemberAdd", (member) => {
let guild = member.guild; 
let memberTag = member.user.tag;
let guildname = 
	guild.systemChannel.send("Welcome, " + memberTag+ " to " + guildname+ "!");
PattanAhmed (1397)

@JollyJack8 Hi,
If you thought it is a bug then feel free to post your detailed issue with pics(If you need) here, So that they can understand your issue and follow up with you there.

Hope it helps
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Coder100 (16898)

Hi! Try refreshing your token (getting a new token)


it still does it @Coder100

Coder100 (16898)

ah, well that's not good! I will now diagnose it with 'bug'. Report it @JollyJack8 I've actually seen this before, but usually refreshing the token did it so idk sorry


Alright @Coder100

HackermonDev (2007)

@JollyJack8 you should probably report it to discord.js not since they didn't make the discord.js libary

Coder100 (16898)

no no, it's thats causing it to run twice
discord.js works fine @PDanielY