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hr3edits (1)

I can't use websocket client since repl is trying to install websocket(wrong package) everytime.

InvisibleOne (2989)

Try using the package manager (left side of your repl screen, looks like a little three-sided cube) or pip to install the correct package first, and then import it.

hr3edits (1)

I tried it both and it didn't work sadly.

InvisibleOne (2989)

Are you sure you're importing the package under the correct name? The only time this has been a problem for me was when I had the name spelled wrong. @hr3edits

hr3edits (1)

@InvisibleOne Yes the package name for pip is websocket-client.
When you want to import it you need to import it as websocket.
This is the part where repl gets confused I guess.