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Website domain name
SilvrgunSuprman (1)

Hello! For my assessment this term I need to make a website and I decided I would make one for my Mums business. Last year she bought a domain name to use when she got a website.

Anyway, when on a online store and you click the store button the url changes and you get sent to a different webpage. I was wondering if you need to purchase a new domain for each webpage. If you do not need to purchase a new domain please tell me how to redirect to other webpages.

Answered by robowolf (549) [earned 5 cycles]
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robowolf (549)

No you don't need to buy a new domain. In the redirect instead of going to a whole new site go to '/route'. For example on replit you have and If you're doing this in pure html you would have to make a new webpage and the redirect link would be{name}.html

CodeMaster007 (108)

Hey! Don't buy a domain! Millions of domains are free and waiting however some people buy them from official websites like go daddy (which is good) although it costs money. If you don't feel like paying for a domain, then there are a bunch of other alternatives. The one I most prefer is called freenoms. Its a websites which gives free domains and works excellent with repl, (at least from my experiences and from what I heard). The only "catch" is that the website is not official or anything so don't put in any sensitive information (like a birthday, name, address, so on). If you put in fake information it will work anyways.
Hope this helps!


robowolf (549)

@CodeMaster007 Actually with a free domain, freenom can take it down whenever it wants. As well as that there is a huge process to go through to make sure they don't open your domain up for buying.

CodeMaster007 (108)

Have you tried it before? When I used freenoms, the process was smooth and it was a amazing experience. I didn’t see any of these issues. @robowolf

SilvrgunSuprman (1)

@CodeMaster007 Using freenoms the domain can be taken whenever.If someone tries to buy your domain they can


@robowolf Freenom is very dodgy. When I wanted to buy a domain from there, it charged me for already-registered domain names. They arent a complete scam since the free domain thing is legit, but...

You dont own the domain.

Freenom is the owner of the domain. They can do anything they want with the domain name.

robowolf (549)

@SilvrgunSuprman Yeah. That's what I thought too.