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Web Preview Doesn''t Work
linearlemur (1)

I'm using Microsoft Edge. The web preview just doesn't work. It just says "Connection was reset" and doesn't even let me see the web preview. The run button also just says "Loading...", so I can't even run it.

This also happened when I tried running it in Chrome.

MistahSkipp (0)

im having the same issue on chrome with all my repl's, i hope its some weird glitch that fixes itself cause idk what to do

dnilem26 (8)

@linearlemur That's odd it works fine for me

JWZ6 (654)

it works im confused

linearlemur (1)

@JWZ6 It might be something wrong with me. I'll see what more people have to say about this.

JWZ6 (654)

@linearlemur yes the popup scratch thingy works