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Web Design
WilliamXing (51)

When do public and private schools normally teach web design?

Answered by OldWizard209 (1544) [earned 5 cycles]
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OldWizard209 (1544)

So in the school i go in, there are two courses i can pick:
1. Coding,
2. Innovative Product Design.

And both teach how to make websites, coding course teaches from coding using HTML, CSS, JS, and product design teaches from Google Sites and CAnva. And my old school was going to teach us Python basics in grade 10. I am younger than that and I already know Python and web design.

So honestly, it depends, some schools don't even teach that at all. Some will teach on course selection, some teach in high school mostly

Ps: my school is private.

WilliamXing (51)

What grade are you in? Just wondering, cause I"m private too @OldWizard209

IMayBeMe (484)

I don’t know about schools in general but my school teaches garbage modified python and terrible html/css and no js which is pretty limited. I would assume that schools start actually teaching programming in high school but for me right now, I can probably learn more in one day of googling the whole year in school

Coder100 (18238)

dependent on the school.
My school teaches computer science, but web design is usually taught at the college level (citation needed) because it is quite industry-specific and doesn't really teach you anything useful.

WilliamXing (51)

My CS teacher said that making HTML/CSS Buttons is 6th/7th grade. What kind of school is that? @Coder100

Coder100 (18238)

@WilliamXing well
that's not really web design

Coder100 (18238)

i mean honestly
the internet is much better place to learn HTML then anything schools can teach you ironically