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Warning: REPLIT_DB_URL does not exist, are we running on Database will not function.
pythonb5 (42)

This is so confusing - my database won't work on What's going on?

Coder100 (17045)

the .env file is deleted when does not:

  • Know if the person accessing it is the owner (
  • Knows the person is not the owner (embeds)

That means REPLIT_DB_URL gets deleted.

The only fix would be to make your program a web program.

EpicGamer007 (1618)

Sorry, you cannot use repldb with :(. At least I think so

pythonb5 (42)

@EpicGamer007 It's still showing up in the console (not on for other people (just not me).

Coder100 (17045)

Only if they are invited @pythonb5