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sys.exit() not working in python repl?

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Hi all, I am not sure if this is a problem with or I am just coding the python wrong. My simple code to open a file is:

file_in = open ('data_file', 'r')
print ("Could not open data_file for reading.")
print ("Why doesn't this exit work?")

All is well if data_file exists but if not, we go to the except where it does a print and should exit. But the program hangs there until I press Stop. The 2nd print statement does not occur either so it looks like it goes into exit() but does not come out?

Ideas? Thanks.

Edit to original question: I see the whitespace indentation got lost when I submitted the question but it is correct in the real code.

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Wait... so do you want to exit the repl and then wait and enter it again?