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W3school is outdated as a guide for becoming a web developer?
jerbycoding (0)

I want to become a web developer and I always use W3chool as a guide but I am not sure if I'm right to use w3school as a guide for becoming a web developer. can anyone suggest what free site that I can guide for my dream?

xfinnbar (211)

w3schools is a good way of learning to build websites the traditional way (as a multi-page application) that isn't mostly JavaScript-powered.

The more popular way of building websites today is using a front-end framework like React or Svelte and building a single-page application. This has advantages and disadvantages:

  • Fast navigation
  • Lots of interaction
  • Mobile app-like feeling
  • Slow on bad wifi
  • More difficult for search engines like Google to understand and promote
  • Doesn't work well on old browsers
ch1ck3n (2866)

yeah w3schools is a great place to start
it helped me with the basics, and whenever I had a problem that I couldn't fix, I would go to stack overflow to find how to fix it.

there are a lot of tutorials there too

and to add to @xfinnbar 's answer, front-end frameworks are very good and easy to use, but they slow down the computer a LOT. is also a great site and has great tutorials and quizzes.

and of course you can just ask here on repl talk if you have any problems that you can't find anywhere.