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Visual Studio Code
BetaDv (1)

Can you make a Visual Studio Code extension using repl? And also publishing it? I am a developer from mobie, i don't have access to a computer. But this is a job ihave to get done.

Coder100 (18934)

no, this is If you are going to develop an extension you can't use, you might as well not.

Read this tutorial

PythonPrograms (14)

A couple of things,

Please get access to a Computer, mobile development is bad.

It probably is possible to make a VSC Extension but it would take some setting up

Who and when do you have to get this done.

BetaDv (1)

I have around a week available. I can mostly do it. I just need a base project but not sure which it is. I read that if you run "npm install -g yo generator-code", and then "yo code", it will automatically generate the thing for you, but, it keeps saying to run the code outside of the repl node shell. @PythonPrograms

BetaDv (1)

I am currently working as a developer to also get a computer. I don't have one yet. And i'm not 16 to get a job yet. I'm 15. @PythonPrograms

Coder100 (18934)

the thing is development on is not only going to be hard and buggy, you will most likely find a lot of security things blocking you from even doing it. I recommend you first get vscode and a computer @BetaDv

KiyoshiShuji (0)

@BetaDv Why don't you try it's very useful and not that buggy.