My Repl makes sound. I can hear it, but can anyone else?

Late last night I made a very simple coin flipping program using JavaScript on, where you click a button, it simulates flipping a coin by showing an image of the result, but by also playing a sound before the image appears. When I run the Repl on my computer it works with zero issue, and when I run it on my phone and iPad, it doesn't work perfectly, but I can still hear the sound, at least the first time I hit the button per refresh of the Repl.

My question comes with the fact that after making it, I found several comments on other posts saying that sound does not work on this website. So I'm a bit confused. If sound doesn't work on this site, why can I hear it? If I can hear it, can anyone else who runs my Repl hear it or no? And if not, why? I know my question may be a bit confusing, but I can't figure out what could be going on.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can provide some sort of answer.


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@Vandesm14 Thanks for giving me that info, it’s greatly appreciated.