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Validation Error/ Comments and upvotes not showing until I reload
Baconman321 (1050)

Every time I try to upvote it says "something went wrong, please contact support", and then clicking again says "validation error". I reload and it shows that I upvoted them. Whenever I post a comment now too, it doesn't show for me until I reload.

Is this a glitch or something just on my end, or is everyone else getting it too?

Answered by LuckyOreos (199) [earned 5 cycles]
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LuckyOreos (199)

Same thing is happening to me report it bugs that’s what I did

Baconman321 (1050)

@LuckyOreos I can't really report to bugs (blocked XD).

Plus, it's not a good idea to spam bugs.

Eh, at least it's not just me...

Baconman321 (1050)

@LuckyOreos Honestly since I can't decide who gets the cycles, I gave it to u since u were the first poster (and reporting to bugs is technically the best approach, but I don't rlly want to do it).

To everyone else:

Don't get mad it's just 5 useless internet points...

ch1ck3n (1564)

@LuckyOreos darn it if i said its happening to me too I would get cycles darn it

Baconman321 (1050)

@ch1ck3n He/She just responded first.
Here's an upvote cuz why not (ha, moderation can't say that I can't do it cuz it's free country HAHA)

xxpertHacker (864)

Whenever I post a comment now too, it doesn't show for me until I reload.

That is a separate issue caused solely by using dark mode; it has already been reported but without any response from Repl.

Btw, you should experience this when editing/updating posts and comments too, do you?

To fix this, just use light mode.

Baconman321 (1050)

@xxpertHacker Yeah I wonder if it was because they were making lots of adjustments.

How do you turn on light mode?

Is the toggle switch in the editor (I don't want it, but I'm just curious)?

xxpertHacker (864)

@Baconman321 Open a Repl, click the gear on the left side, toggle.

Dark mode is not the default, so you had to set dark mode on your own.

Baconman321 (1050)

@xxpertHacker Ah. So dark mode in repl does depend on the editor. Huh!

tussiez (1431)

@xxpertHacker This happens with light mode.

xxpertHacker (864)

@tussiez Really? Cool, others and I have mis-reported this then.

RowanFromBJC (46)


That is a separate issue caused solely by using dark mode

I'm not so sure, I use light mode and I have the same problem.

Edit: i didn't read the rest of the comments

xxpertHacker (864)

@RowanFromBJC It occurred at the same time that they released dark mode, so I assumed it was related, but yeah, ig not.

JBloves27 (1696)

Same for me as well, you should report to glitches

heyo mate!

Baconman321 (1050)

@JBloves27 :D It works ok now, but I think it's on and off sooooo....

JBloves27 (1696)

yeahh... :D @Baconman321

I just noticed that I said glitches (me) and not bugs XD

Dart (1185)

I had this problem, logged out then logged back in and it fixed it for me.

Baconman321 (1050)

@DartZII Didn't really work for me :(

Oh and also hai dart!

Dart (1185)

@Baconman321 weird, try clearing your cashe or cookies

tussiez (1431)

This happens outside of Explorer Mode


want me to report it to bugs? it's probably just a bug.

Baconman321 (1050)

@RYANTADIPARTHI Nah it's fine.

If it's already reported by other people then staff should see it and resolve it sometime.

Thanks for asking tho :D

Kookiez (385)

I've had this problem too. I reloaded and then it was fine, too.