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VERY new to Python. Anyone can help?

Hey, so I'm very VERY new to Python and i literally don't know anything. Where do i start learning basic stuff? I just need a guideline.


Hello, @pinarkurtulmus, and welcome to!
When starting off programming, Google is going to be your friend. There are plenty of tutorials to follow, and plenty of examples to learn from as well. Personally, I've had a good experience with W3Schools when it comes to most languages, but there are lots of resources out there.


Python is a easy language to get a hold of. Just watch a few youtube videos over the developer writing some Python code, follow along with the video, and I bet you you'll advance in the python career field in no time ;)


I would suggest my personal favourite which has guided me all over my time in python by providing me 24/7 support.


hmmmm, I wonder what I can learn on the learn page


i suggest and if you are learning by yourself.


i agree with niorg but i would like to add:
i would recommend thinking of something quite simple that you think would be cool eg, a short text based rpg

and then work on a completely different project eg a chat bot and with each thing you do, think about how it could be applied to your idea
eg, inputs, multi line prints, ifs and elses

then when you have learned quite a bit eg lists, loops etc THEN work on the project, hopefully figuring out more things as you make it

also: always assume something is possible, but if you google it and nothing makes sense, accept that its not (yet)

also also: type

also also also: Google (and by extension stackoverflow) is DEFINITELY going to be your friend


Hi @pinarkurtulmus, If you are starting Python and want to learn the basics, then I would advise you to use and watch tutorials on Google.


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