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Using scanner in a switch statement but my program is printing the default

I am a college freshman who's studying programming, so apparently, I'm new to this, but I'm already at the part of switch statements. I used the software by reading a blog on best IDE where it covers all the software.

The goal of my program is to be like a dictionary. When a user enters the term, the program should enter its meaning. But my program keeps printing the default. What do you think am I missing? Here's my code:

Sorry, if it's a lengthy program, I want to make it as ten items as possible. I also forgot to tell you that I tried once to remove the Scanner and only declare the variables, the program worked (just for you to know that my program also works and print strings).


As far as I can see it is working fine.
I presume that above your pasted code you have

or something similar


Could you do us a favor and paste that code into the Java Repl you linked? Thanks ^^


@SixBeeps just use vim to edit the temporary copy of the repl we actually see from the shell