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Using Framework7 with
MrChmielewski (0)


I'm having trouble getting working with There are generally 2 problems I'm encountering:

1) I can get clean install from using the package manager, but I cannot initiate a project using the CLI (even though I can install the CLI package). Is it possible to get this working?

2) Another approach is to run the CLI from my own machine to get a project started, then I import it to via GitHub. I can get it on, but when I press "run", it tries to run it on localhost instead of's server. Is there any way to fix this?

The project linked to this issue is the clean install from, so the once described in situation 1.

Coder100 (16790)

You can use the cli yes:

npx framework7

using the npx node package executor

and to run it on replit, you just need to set the host to and not localhost.