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Uploading Image Files On
TheCoiledViper (85)

In order to create a game, I need to use an image file saved on my PC as a Sprite. Is it possible to upload it from my PC into a as a .jpg

GuyamOnPython (5)
<img src=";quality=0.9" alt="Kan Mark Rutte de VVD in 2021 nog één keer de grootste maken ..."/> ![Uploading image.png...]()
ejarvis26 (8)

@GuyamOnPython what do you do if you want your own photo??

timmy_i_chen (1180)

Sure is! Just drag it onto your repl workspace and the upload box should appear. Alternatively, there's also an upload icon (cloud with up arrow) on the workspace.

YixiangLin (2)

i was drag to the flie to the repl it and they make me replace the img

LucasConrad (4)

I was just wondering how to actually add a picture that comes up if you run it like to combine or something?

harinarayancn (1)

You can use it without uploading it to as well. If you use Google, all images in Google Drive, Google Photos, and what not have a public URL that starts with To use this URL, all you have to do would be to upload the image into Google Photos, right-click it, and click on "Copy image URL." Then, you can paste this into whatever you're using it for, and it should work.

codermaster8 (7)

Not really explaining but I kinda get it

kotababy (0)

NO never my lady!!!!