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Upgrade Bucklescript compiler to reScript
razorshnegax (9)


My question is in the title: can the devs upgrade the bucklescript compiler for reason node.js to ReScript v8.3? I've tried upgrading it through the repl, only to get a version mismatch error. Pretty sure it's something on's side. If the devs are for some unknown reason unable to upgrade it on their side, is there a way I can get it on my on repl? I've tried:

  • using npm link, which overrides MY copy of bs-platform, and
  • using npx bsb -make-world, which gets me a Fatal error: exception End_of_file error

Also, I'm pretty sure I can't run this on my own OS. I'm running (still) windows 7. If I can, please tell me how

Thank you for your time

razorshnegax (9)

@RSF71 Actually, I found a way to use rescript with All you have to do is install bs-platform on a non-reasonml repl. For example, the reason-react template has bs-platform 8.4 installed right now.


Maybe that upgrade is not available in I'm thinking it's not available. but you could try it.