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Updating to Python 3.9.1 ??
MiCROZi (1)

How can I update to Python 3.9.1? A dependency in my repl requires version 3.9 and its one of the main dependencies for my project. I tried to do it manually but it doesnt recognize sudo

Edit: Turned out my issue wasn't an outdated python version, but because I accidentally installed asyncio (it's a built-in module) lol.
However, my question still stands in case this comes up in the future.

Answered by SixBeeps (5332) [earned 5 cycles]
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SixBeeps (5332)

Nix to the rescue!
Add the pkgs.python39 derivation, then run Python as usual.
See how to use Nix here

MiCROZi (1)

@SixBeeps Awesome! Thanks for sharing ❤️

Aivoybia (24)

I think repl has the most updated python version

MiCROZi (1)

@Aivoybia The latest Python version is 3.9.6.
Repl is still on 3.8