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Updating package configuration
s940169 (0)

I want to run my discordbot but it was failed
how to fix it?

Coder100 (18903)

step 1
delete these file

step 2:
install through by clicking on this cube:

s940169 (0)

but i donot found any packages name 'channel'
i just found 'channels'
but it was still failed


Hi, I was just wondering why the error message you specified in the above message doesn't appear in the console when I run it. Did you happen to already resolve the issue? Also, 你好. 为什么你的名字这么奇怪?As in, s940169?

s940169 (0)

sometime it can run
i have no idea


@s940169 u mightve edited the code, or someone else edited