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Update Posts
Crosis (277)

I was wondering about how often I should make update posts, as many people may think I am cycle farming. @RyanGardiner1 and I have just made an update to Gepl Chat that adds private rooms, markdown, pinging, basically a major update. Should I make a post about it?

AustinCharb (16)

@Crosis can you ban Nguari1 he banned me when he was spamming

xxpertHacker (860)

If you end up doing a complete rewrite, and it adds a whole new set of features, some of which replace the old ones, then maybe it'll be acceptable to repost.

ObiVibKenobi (169)

I think you should. You should probably do an update post every time you have made a major update. For example, private rooms are pretty major, as are pinging and markdown. But if you just made some css fixes, bug fixes, or added only the markdown, it wouldn’t be a good idea to add an update.