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Bunnytoes (111)

My issue is on replit it says Unable to parse Build/CUBETHONFOREPLIT.framework.js.gz! This can happen if build compression was enabled but web server hosting the content was misconfigured to not serve the file with HTTP Response Header "Content-Encoding: gzip" present. Check browser Console and Devtools Network tab to debug.
and I don't know how to fix it please help.

Answered by Coder100 (18059) [earned 5 cycles]
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Coder100 (18059)

Make sure is grounded isn't always true
I would make it so if it collided on anything a bool is grounded is set to true and when you jump it is set to false.

Not whatever this capsule collision thing, too slow

Bunnytoes (111)

@Coder100 how could I do that? Please leave some code and thanks or could I make a charcter controller for jumping?

Bunnytoes (111)

@Coder100 I fixed it by using raycasts for isgrounded

ch1ck3n (2029)

can you share your unity project with us please