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Unity help
Bunnytoes (147)

So I downloaded visual studio and unity on my new pc, and I wanted to do some stuff, I need help with a couple things, a) a freeze 'spell' b)so you can unlock skins c) so you can see your wins and stuff d) so you can swap events e) so you can see a basic image of your selected skin the top corner
f)unlock levels
I just want some help with this so I can do some stuff in the future.
I also need help adding a downloaded file into a project it won't work for me and it is from devassets

Coder100 (18187)


Ideally you want to actually attempt easier games before making something like that.

There are few specific unity game tutorials, and more for mechanics. You should first focus on learning basics and making basic games like a FPS.

CodeMaster007 (108)

So when I first installed Visual Studio, I did my first program
print(“Hello World!”)
And then I got stuck. I didn’t know where the run button was. In fact, I didn’t know where anything was. I decided to look up a tutorial and figure out where to go from there. As you are probably new to Visual Studio, the main thing I will say is to install a program first. When I first installed it, no files or programs were installed so I had to wait a while when python was installing. Once you have your program installed, everything should come easy. There are a bunch of tutorials out there and I suggest using them. I am not that good at the interface of Visual Studio code, so I would use repl instead. It really is a matter of preference and taking the time to learn everything.
Hope that helps,


Bunnytoes (147)

@CodeMaster007 thanks for the help but I figured the part from devassets and I do c# so it's pretty easy to make things. If you find some online c# tutorials for that please leave them in a reply thanks

Bunnytoes (147)

@CodeMaster007 thanks, but I already watched brackeys course and already know the basics and some advanced stuff. I just need help with the question above :)
Thanks codemaster007

CodeMaster007 (108)

Ok. I am not that good at C# though so I cannot really help much. Glad I could help with some though! @Bunnytoes