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Unable to integrate on OneNote Office
1080812 (1)

Hello, I read that OneNote supports integration of RelpIt. I have been trying but it does not work. It just shows the link as it is. I have tried on both OneNote, App and Web browser.
Any work around?

TexasOmelet (0)

any updates, not working for me either

MrsSpisakIntro (0)

This is also happening for me. I was able to integrate last week, but this week it only shows the words of the link.

Coder100 (16989)

Perhaps they forgot to recognize the domain change, or perhaps it was buggy to begin with.

Try contacting them: [email protected]

Spotandjake (27)

@Coder100 lmao this is defs your personal information aa bot is amazing maybe we need to contact [email protected] seriously how do you show up in here so much lmao

GuillermoSanch (0)

Maybe because the site changed from .it to .com?