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"Unable to format" to auto-format

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I clicked the auto-format code button and the entire contents of the file disappeared and was replaced by
Unable to format /tmp/format_file713564743:
[string "isCodeValid"]:5: '}' expected near ')'

And it is now impossible to restore the contents of the file.
It seems to me that it should not work like this

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Verrrry strange. Definitely a bug. For now, just go back into the file's history and restore it to an older version.

Also, what steps did you take before auto-formatting? I haven't used Lua's autoformatter, so it could be an error with that.

EDIT: I just tried the autoformatter on some small-scale code and it seemed to work just fine. Maybe there was something specifically with your code that triggered it, but it's hard to say.

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oof, I can't understand comments...