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Turtle problem....
OfirLiron (20)

Hi ,
I have tried to run simple Turtle program. but somthing went wrong.
can I repl, Turtle?

Answered by vedprad1 (914) [earned 5 cycles]
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vedprad1 (914)

You are using a Python repl, and you can't use Turtle with that.

You have to use a Turtle repl:

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OfirLiron (20)

@vedprad1 Thanks for your help, now I have used the turtle repl (how do I find it directly?)
There is now one bug about the screen, how to overcome this problem.
The code is similar to the in I used previously.
That is the message I get
AttributeError: '<invalid type>' object has no attribute 'screen' on line 3

OfirLiron (20)

@vedprad1 Thanks, I just cancall this line and it is working.
guess no need for it using the repl