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Trying to find a file
VDiscordbot (0)

Hey there. My issue is that I am trying to find a folder but it only shows folder that are created either by me or the packages. I am looking for a folder called node_modules because I code my bot in discord.js and I installed a package called discord.js. It adds a folder right away called node_modules but I can't seem to find it and then I can't fix all my errors. Could someone please help me?

Squirrel777 (138)

I don't node_modules has to do with your error. It will point the error to node_modules because it contains the code for discord.js! Can you link the repl so I can see what error it is?

VDiscordbot (0)

@Squirrel777 Hey, So, Rn, I took out the code but the error was that id was undefined. I will link my repl and put my code back in. I will do it in couple minutes since I have the code on my other PC