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Trying to connect to another Repl webserver only gets to (not subdomain) and returns 404

I'm working on a project that requires having the database in a separate project. Both are Node.js projects using the http module. The database project works fine and receives data from a third script attached to a Google Form, but it can't get requests from the frontend project (attached) through http.get. The frontend receives 404 Not Found but the database shows no activity.

Upon further investigation, I found the problem is that instead of correctly sending the request to the database at, it gets stuck at just, which always returns 404.

Trying to query the database by navigating there in a normal browser gives the expected results, but that's useless when the project can't connect. What is going wrong? Is there a way to get it to connect to the proper subdomain to actually reach the database? Would connecting the database project to another domain work? Do I need to go back to the drawing board and seriously reconsider how this works?

The frontend code is in index.js and the database code is in databaseServer.js. They share a GH repo so they have the same files, but they are run in two separate Replit projects through different .replit configs.

* Note the database currently 405 for not found, that was just to distinguish from the database's response and's 404, you can ignore that.