hacking into my windows 10 kernel using browser with script kiddie skills?

I want to master hacking into my windows 10 kernel using the repl website in my chrome browser. i want to explore all the possibilities in this context. i am a script kiddie. not even that. i know c programming like loops, functions. i dont know pointers and objects. i need guidance. can someone give me a roadmap? i want to write assembly language mixed with c. i want to run it in the browser using repl so that if i mess up my laptop, i can practice from my smartphone which i can reset easily. I'm so lame. I've been wanting to do so for more than 10 years. but everytime i try to do it, something wrong happens. maybe installation failure, tons of errors.
my logic is this, i will give permission to my browser to execute the repel script, then slowly move on to doing it without permission(start messing with the pipeline from where permissions are given to and from the browser. exactly where in the browser code is this pipeline written). once i've figured out how to do that then doing the same things with the kernel pipelines until i have sufficient mastery. common sense in reverse engineering stuff. i need guidance and help. how do i trace and understand stuff?

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Try this....


When I was learning C, I got most of my information from this. If you are new to coding however, I recommend learning python first. It is the easiest to use/learn, and is pretty useful once you know it. I am currently learning data analysis on python and sql but anyway, check out the handbook mentioned above. It really helps! If you get stuck, then googles always out there or you can post your question to stack overflow. (The reddit of coding.)
Hope this helps!