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Tried everything. My website is not visible in viewing mode.
karenabcde (1)

I tried following your directions.
I tried not following your directions.
I tried following my instructor's directions.
I tried editing your index page.
I tried linking my index page in the address.
I cannot see a thing even though my pages are loaded.
Last I checked I got a 404.

mat1 (4427)

I can view all your pages fine when going to /website

karenabcde (1)

Look on the slideshow page. The video
is not showing up.

Vandesm14 (2729)

There's nothing on the site because you didn't create anything yet. Add some text under the <body> tag to see an output.

karenabcde (1)

When I am inside my side ALL MY PAGES ARE LOADED.
You are describing the problem I am talking about.
I have a screenshot if I can get ti to you somehow.

I am not stupid.