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Too Many Redirects
SirEpicly (3)

My HTML repl has been serving fine from my custom domain until a few days ago, when It started giving me the Too Many Redirects error. This does not occur on the repl subdomain.

How can I fix this on the custom domain?

invisibot (0)

@SirEpicly Are you using Cloudflare? If so, disable DNS Proxying under DNS settings (just click Edit and then click the orange cloud to turn it DNS Only)

I experienced this issue firsthand, and I bet there are many people with the same issue with custom domains.

benirabbany (0)

have you found a solution?
i got the same error

invisibot (0)

@benirabbany See above, I forgot to @ you in the above message.

benirabbany (0)

@invisibot okay thanks for the help

Coder100 (17087)

Make sure your page rules are valid.

SirEpicly (3)

@Coder100 i dont have any page rules