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@Thundercode11 Well there are a few ways-
Way 1: Time, the timezone matters a lot, for example I am in IST timezone, but most of the replers are in a different timezone where when I have night they have morning, so I post my project at night so it gets more views, but there is one disadvantage, as I said most of the replers have morning, so they will post there post at that time, so my post will go down, so the viewer has to scroll down.(Sometime's this doesn't happen it depends on your luck).
Way 2: Project, make a nice project give it a good and catchy title. And describe it well(which I don't do).
Way 3: Lot, make a lot's of projects, be regular in posting(this will give you some regular viewers, who will view your post whenever your post).
I hope this helps
Edit - It takes time to get popular.