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Thread safe vector not working

I have three std::string vectors. 2 of those vectors contain different strings, and the third vector is just to "point" to one of those vectors.

For example

This is how I'm using it:

So there are two threads, one to display the information, and one to modify it.

However I found that when I'm drawing vec, it sometimes switches to the other vector mid-draw! That results in an array out of bounds error since vec1 and vec2 have different sizes.

I'm thinking of switching to using char** so I can use std::atomic.

I already tried std::mutex but that didn't work:

Same result with std::lock_gaurd.

I linked the repl so you can see what I'm talking about. If you hold down ENTER, you'll see the problem.

So how should I approach this problem? And I doing something wrong with std::mutex? Should I switch to std::atomic<char**>? Or should I completely redesign my project?

I summon the C/C++ people to aid me with my quest (please?):

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Answered by CSharpIsGud [earned 5 cycles]
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Basically, from what I read of mutexes here is what happens when you use one.
After you call lock() no other thread can execute the code up to unlock() until unlock() is reached.

Therefor if you just lock and unlock from within thread individually it has no effect because the other threads don't ever enter the same place in the program.

But if you make a function that they both have to call to acquire the lock then they have to take turns and can't access it at the same time.


@CSharpIsGud Nice thanks! I knew what mutex does but I didn't know where to put it. It works great now, thanks!


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Well... I'm a month late.

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I was able to fix it with this