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Trying to run a new large script

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I am trying to run a new operating system that will come in the future.
But a problem occurred. After including the ability to send emails, I am unable to load the display. Also I cannot import smtplib, but i heard ways to add modules to skulpt. "NotImplementedError: smtplib is not yet implemented in Skulpt on line 2*"

Link to repl:

Yes, it is called MechOS. It will be a revolutionary operating system for the future. There is a text version, which acts as an API for programs who can use MechOS' tools.

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Answered by AllAwesome497 [earned 5 cycles]
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This is because our Python Turtle repls use Skulpt, which is python implemented in JavaScript. What this means is that you can't have multiple files (as it is pure JS), and you can't import packages unless it is directly supported by skulpt, hence the error message.