Are replit (technically google's) servers in Dearing, Kansas?
Baconman321 (1103)

I was doing some research for badminton and I used a browser emulator to work around network restrictions.

I probably should have remembered that it's a browser emulator and it will have a different location than my own (I can easily fix), but on google maps, it said that I was in Dearing, Kansas.

Is this where google (because replit uses google) hosts their servers? The location shows it is on a road near a lake or other body of water, but also servers are also probably capable of geo-spoofing their location. If the latter is true, then why Dearing, Kansas?

My coordinates and "address" according to the browser emulator.

The general location:

The specific location:

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They use GCP for hosting, and use load balancing across multiple datacentres across the US. Datacenter locations are usually kept private, but if you go into that google maps satellite and zoom in, you should see a google cloud datacenter

would be cool tho if they used their own infastructure :(

Baconman321 (1103)

@novaflippers Yeah, usually data centers are too expensive to own for just one company like this, but I would get why data centers are kept private, but I don't think these are kept private (unless my hunch is right and they data spoof... but google is too good for that). AWS data centers are kept private, I think... but google reveals theirs (or at least from what I can tell with a hasty google search).


@Baconman321 Dosent matter if they reveal it or not, anyone using the infastructure can get their IP address and look it up, but these data centeres have very high security

Baconman321 (1103)

@novaflippers Well, more or less use their IP to find the general area (but still it is quite accurate - within a couple miles of accuracy sometimes)...

Why wouldn't they have high security.

You said that these data centers are "usually kept private".

I doubt it, or at least... they don't reveal it because people don't generally need to know this info.