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Blockion 3D


Hey, I was wondering if any repler is available to contribute to blockion 3D, a 3D programming website.


  • sorta like scratch coding but it will have a dropdown and other. I'll tell if u contribute.
  • website
  • language: html, css, js
  • libs: threejs, other 3D libraries.
  • This is going to be online so their is sharing projects and stuff.
  • We have to use repl for this.

how to contribute

I will invite you to contribute if you say in the comments.

2 years ago
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There's a lot missing here.

  • How far along is the project?
  • What'll be used for the backend?
  • Any plans whatsoever?
  • What positions are currently open?
  • What's preventing you from moving outside of
  • What's exactly meant by "dropdown" scratch?
  • What's the scale of the project?
2 years ago