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How to STOP automatic Poetry install
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How can I stop automatic poetry install? My package can not be installed via poetry so I'm instead doing pip install on .replit file. However, when I run my code, it automatically adds the package into poetry and gives me an error, which can be easily resolved is it doesn't automatically runs this commands!!!
python3 -m poetry init --no-interaction
python3 -m poetry add mask-predictor

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Replit will try to poetry install but since I uninstall it it shows up a error and the program won't run and idk how to like stop it, anyone help?
EDIT: I ACTUALLY GOT IT, here is how I did it:
I uninstalled poetry.lock and pyproject.toml, then I go show hidden files, venv/bin/python3, then delete all the things under #!/usr/bin/env bash, then run it! IT WORKED
BUT! there is one thing, after doing this, the shell won't work anymore, if you do pip what what, it won't do anything, that's the sad thing but it is still good to see it's working