How to add music to a C++ Repl?
Typhlotion (1)

I'm very new to coding and a lot of the explanations on how to make a repl have music and sound completely flew over my head. Is there just no way to get audio without being on JavaScript/Python or using NoVNC?
Asking for a text-based-game project i've been working on for school, and i've already read , I just don't understand how it is that I could apply that to C++ (if that's even possible to begin with).
Thanks in advance.

EDIT: What i've gathered is that in order to have audio work in C++, you'd have to call a code from python that would run the audio. My problem is that i've only got a fundamental understanding of C++ and absolutely zero knowledge on python. So, how would you call a python file from C++? I tried the system("") method suggested by 19ecal to no avail and I couldn't make sense of the ostream method. Could you dumb your answers down to my level, or maybe present another, even simpler method?
Again, thanks in advance.

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Coder100 (18930)

The docs are pretty clear about this, you write to a file.

Try this:

#include <fstream>

int main() {
  std::ostream file("/tmp/audio");

  // write to file