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The Java Linter Sucks
Raniconduh (19)

Has anyone else noticed that the java linter is very slow and does not work very well? This might just be me but I hate writing some code only for the linter to detect it 10 seconds later. I usually just end up turning it off. Does anyone else have this problem / know how to fix it?

Answered by TheDrone7 (2002) [earned 5 cycles]
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TheDrone7 (2002)

@Raniconduh you can create a feedback post about this here and if it gets enough upvotes to catch the team's attention, it will be worked on.

AhmedMohammed36 (0)

@TheDrone7 The link doesn't work anymore. Are there any updates on this issue? The linter is still quite slow and unresponsive.