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Terminal Game.

I wanna try something a bit crazy.

Have any of you heard the game called Phasmophobia?
If so, yeah.
If not, I'll give a description.

Phasmophobia is a ghost-hunting game where you have to determine the type of ghost based off of 3 evidences that you have to discover in order to win, along with other side-quests if you want extra rewards.
The game is all about tension, no jumpscares, all noise and ambience.
But, the ghost fights back whilst you are trying to figure out what it is.
It's called hunting.
When a ghost hunts, it wanders around the ghost, gurgling or maybe even crying, opening doors and trying to find you. (Side note if you are going to play: it hears you)
If it touches you, game over.
Here's a few links for refrence: (be aware of cussing)
Phasmphobia Wiki Page

I wanna try and make it text-based.

As I said, very crazy.

I'm most likely going to need lots of ideas and help to do this. (Help meaning I might repost about questions and other things about code)
Are any of you up for the idea?
Comment ideas below.

Oh, yeah, one more thing. I really want to not name my game Phasmophobia, because it just isnt it.