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TheoChristian (0)

Hello everyone. im nrw to repl. A friend of mine recentky itroduced me to it and I think it is an amazing platform.
I have a question to ask concerning my simple java program that converts degrees fahrenheit to Celsius. It has no syntax errors in terms of what it can do but its having problems compiling. I have trued chaning it's name and and where to position the scanner class all to mo avail. If you could look at my repl and help me with my problem that would be nice.

Answered by 19ecal (230) [earned 5 cycles]
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19ecal (230)

You're missing a ; at the end of line 1
line 2 should start with public not Public
line 7 only 2 ns

19ecal (230)

Try renaming it to and changing it to public class Main as well

TheoChristian (0)

Thank you for those corrections. I think I tried running it with the both the public class main and also my user defined class and both worked. Thank [email protected]

19ecal (230)

@TheoChristian Could you mark my answer as correct