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Teams for educators: difference b/w Teams repl and project?

I think the primary difference is:

  • a team repl is just a normal repl owned by the team rather than my personal account, otherwise same-old;
  • a team project is a repl with additional features, like ask instructor and assignment submission;

Do I have that right or are there other differences?

Do Team members (i.e., students) automatically have editing privileges on a Team repl I create?
When a student forks a Team repl, can they make it private or is that feature only available for projects?
Is there some documentation where I can learn more about the distinction and workflow for Team repl?


Well, in response to your questions, to answer that you would have to go deeper into team roles. There is an admin and member and I would assume admin has more privileges. Whenever you fork any repl, team or not, you get a private version. On documentation I would search on google and you will probably get a link. (Try this)


thanks @robowolf I did review all those docs, but didn't answer my questions. I tried to address the ambiguity you noted.


you can give this request to feedback