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Teams Project to Personal Folder
MrBall (0)


I am a teacher and use Teams for teaching. However, I didn't realize that when I was making projects, they were only ending up in within the school section. Is there a way to copy a repl over to my personal repl folder?



you can choose the option where to make the repl in. Choose your profile.

InvisibleOne (2677)

Download it as a zip, then upload it into a new repl

DavidSafro (19)

potentially use github and ask your students to copy it

IntellectualGuy (667)

I think you can just fork it

MrBall (0)

It doesn't give me the option to fork - any other suggestions? I guess I could copy and paste, but that seems tedious and there are a couple of files @IntellectualGuy

IntellectualGuy (667)

@MrBall I don't think there are any other options, maybe suggest it in feedback