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Teams In/Out Tests work great in node.js but not in HTML5 js?
jeffseely (0)

I can make the Teams Input/Output tests work fine in node.js, but they seem to hang when trying to test exactly the same js code in an HTML5 project. I'm just testing console.log("hello") for the hello output in both cases. If output testing doesn't work in HTML5 projects, maybe there should be a notification there that it is not available. If it does work, how is the implementation different between node.js and HTML5?

Coder100 (18925)

html js is run on the web, and of course replit can't provide a secure way to run that.

Node on the other hand is an implementation of js that gives access to things like the computer file system and 'backend', so it can be safely run.

ch1ck3n (2385)

HTML5 is all run on the client-side so replit cant run tests or gather erors..