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My students and I are having problems loading the display page side of any HTML, CSS, JS projects? Could anyone advise how we fix this.


make sure it isn't your internet, the website is working for me.
Also try opening to a new tab.


@Coder100 ah screw you cookie my screen time ran out


what @ch1ck3n lol imagine having screentime :sunglasses:


The chances are either your repl isn’t loading properly (this would mean that there should be a loading bar in the console) or replay.con is having problems. If there is a loading bar in the console, try closing down the tab and opening back up again or if that doesn’t work, when it happened for one of my projects try clicking on it then exiting and opening it again or renaming the entire repl. If there is no loading bar in the console and the run button has loaded then there is an internal problem with hosting and has nothing to do with your computers or internet It does sometimes happen that the replit server cannot actually be found for a small amount of time. But in this case I would still recommend you to try renaming the repl.


This is most likely due to lag on repl’s server, not your side. My advise would be to render their work on the w3schools editor if replit is not working. Other than that the best solution is just to wait


@IMayBeMe why w3schools

use codepen



@ch1ck3n ah my bad, js fiddle is way better. Just slipped my mind