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Taking a final
kle11257 (22)

Our teacher has not been here since the second year of the class. We have had multiple substitutes, none of which are certified substitutes and they are just learning the curriculum with us. It is a half year course and they are making us take the final next week. I feel it's unfair what about you guys?

Highwayman (1455)

What language and how far are you?

kle11257 (22)

@Highwayman Python and we are not quite sure how to use loops like for and if, however our final is on turtle and more. Not quite sure what we are doing.


We are learning python right now and our teacher is talking about bull lion and I have no idea what that means we also have our final like next week so idk what to do Thank you for your [email protected]

Highwayman (1455)

@kle11257 + @PATRICKYANG1

Oh boy, yeah that just isn’t fair. This is your first lang right? So they are basically asking you to go learn python syntax, cs basic concepts, AND a framework with 0 help. Bleh. That’s just not the way to go.

kle11257 (22)

Yeah it is, I think we did html once. However, It was our first lang and we just copy and pasted the assignment answer to make a website from W3Schools, Our God and savior. @Highwayman

Highwayman (1455)

@kle11257 What’s the class called?

Highwayman (1455)

@PATRICKYANG1 eh. I guess I can’t rail it too hard..

I just feel like any high school/ middle school classes are total crap; I’ve been getting that vibe a lot - especially my own school honestly it’s probably better to just learn languages on your own and concepts from schools, because I’ve seen the pace or the competence of some classes and it always sounds less than ideal.


@kle11257 try going on . Thats what I did in order to learn everything. Turtle, I dont know how to help you

Nemoiscool (47)

@PATRICKYANG1 I believe you meant that your teacher was talking about booleans, which just means True or False values.


I appreciate the help thanks Imma just try to search on w3school on how to do it. The final is open notes but our notes are literally useless cause we were just told to copy and paste code and we were never taught what the code even did. I'm probably going to just print like the entire w3schools website. Do u have any other python resources I could [email protected]

Highwayman (1455)

@BrianWhite1 which they stated. All you did was basically condescendingly re-say what he said and then procede to use the wrong names for the two values. It is True and False, not true and false. What I’m try to say here is don’t randomly wast people’s time.

H00390945 (1)

OMG ...i feel so bad for you ..hope you pass

bossotron13 (72)

Im willing to give you a quick lesson on loops, if statements and what you need. I dont think im the best in python but i do know what im doing.

kle11257 (22)

@bossotron13 I appreciate it however it's really my whole class who needs the help along with myself. Plus there really isn't enough time to learn the whole course in a few days. Thanks though.

bossotron13 (72)

@kle11257 No problem, might i ask why you made this post? If you aren't looking for help whats the point in bringing it up. I wouldn't complain in your situation because you aren't looking for a solution. If you are looking for a solution and I'm to stupid to see it just ignore the post :)

Foster_Bryant (87)

I can help if you need it with learning python.


I appreciate the help. Do you have any websites/resources I can use? Because w3schools is the site that I use and is the only reason why I'm passing the class @Foster_Bryant

Foster_Bryant (87)

@PATRICKYANG1 w3 is good but It depends on what you are learning in your class. I mainly used youtube.


All right thank you. I'll try to get learn enough about python before the text. Thank you for your [email protected]_Bryant

blonkm (24)

Do the courses on, they're pretty good. Make sure you read a lot and get your computer basics in order (what is memory, bits, bytes, types).

CalebCarlson (31)

Just do some research yourself, If you want to fail the class go ahead, but you have the ability to learn by yourself.
To learn you don't have to have a teacher tell you how/what to do.

AlexanderTarn (281)

just read the python documentary for turtle, and practice making shapes

ArjunSS1 (113)

You want help before the final?

Rileygamer21 (32)

Get really high before you take the test and get a easy 100

theangryepicbanana (1692)

Hey just a heads up, this isn't really the place to talk about stuff like that. You should instead try talking to your school's principal/headmaster about the situation.

GavHern (88)

This happened to me but there was just a month left of the course so it wasn't a huge deal...

JordanDixon1 (174)

I would suggest or to learn python 3. Python 3 is what you are learning right? To tell look at some programs you copied and pasted and see if it say input("some text here") or raw_input("some text here")