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WilliamXing (50)

What is the difference between <b> and <strong> in html? And what is the difference between <i> and <em>?

RohilPatel (1581)

Basically some versions are older than others.

I was taught that strong isn't something you should overuse, but yes, it functions like a bold statement

IntellectualGuy (822)

The different is that <strong> and <em> are semantically correct and are used to show text that you want to be showed strongly and emphasized. <b> and <i> on the other hand are just to make text bold or italics, I would recommend to use <strong> or <em>.

Coder100 (18089)

b and i tags are deprecated in support for the strong and em tags.

InvisibleOne (2934)

<br> is basically just a spacer
<strong> is an inline tag used inside of something like a <p> or <h1> to make text bold.
<em> is the same as <strong> except it adds emphasis to the words by italicizing them instead of making them bold.
<i> looks pretty much the same as <em> but it is meant for special words.

InvisibleOne (2934)

Sorry I read <b> as <br>
<b> tags are just a bold tag, the same as strong.
The difference between these is what words they are meant for, b and I are for items of importance, while strong and em are just for making things italic or bold. They don't really have a difference but are there mainly for styling purposes, such as making <i> or <b> tags a different color than just emphasized or bold text.