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Switch cursor between terminal and editor
GustavoMejia (1)

I'm working with a makefile and I want to know if there is a way to swtich the cursor between terminal and the editor

I was searching in prompt cmd and nothing (:) in vim. In cmd Palette (F1) and nothing. In shortcuts with chrome something like (ctrl tab) and nothing

Answered by Bookie0 (6298) [earned 5 cycles]
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Bookie0 (6298)


i dont think that is possible, but if you want you could maybe make a suggestion for to add this as a feature over here:

Happy coding and hope this helps! =)

GustavoMejia (1)

@Bookie0 I found something. I edited the .replit with the make's command. Now I can use the ctrl + enter

run = "make 4"

This solution limits me the options, but is better than use the mouse

PD: to change to the .replit I use the shortcut crtl P in the insert mode

PattanAhmed (1406)

@GustavoMejia Hi,
You can try clicking Insert button on your keyboard.
If it didn't work, then Please suggest your wish here!. So, that they can give that feature in their next update.

Hope this helps.
Please mark my answer if this helps.

GustavoMejia (1)

Thanks @PattanAhmed, I didn't know about feedback menu, And after a search I found that Someone else suggest this feature

PattanAhmed (1406)

@GustavoMejia That's cool

Please mark my answer if this helps