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VulcanWM (2766)

How much would you rate Python from 1-10?
1 being terrible and 10 being amazing.

xfinnbar (82)

8 - I would make it 10 if it had better async support and a good WASM compiler.

DynamicSquid (4919)

@xfinnbar Definitely agree, Python needs better async support

VulcanWM (2766)

ty! added that to my data @xfinnbar


i wuld rate python 9/10

multicoder2021 (3)


End of question

Yimmee (31)

2 of these survey things are making me wanna make a survey site. well i already am. do surveys there! when its done.
oh and 7


9.9 | While there are some libraries for it, the language just isn't that fast currently. Other than that, it is super easy to learn, with a clean syntax and all the libraries you could need.


I would round down to a 9 because of the slowness tbh @LAMAQDAHODWALA

IGamer123 (76)



Absolute Garbage. At least its easy to learn and u can do web dev and I used it when I was 8-9 lol

VulcanWM (2766)

ty! added it to my data @IGamer123

FlaminHotValdez (691)

5-Decently good for beginners, but terribly inefficent

Also what happened to your discord it's just deleted user now?

VulcanWM (2766)

Thanks lemme add that to my data
Some stuff happened ig @FlaminHotValdez

PixiGem (104)

6 - Many websites and apps such as Instagram, Netflix, etc, use python for the backend. it is only good for web dev :/ BTW I think its pure garbage for other uses

VulcanWM (2766)

oops- ty! added to my data @HyperDev100

alialiwa2005 (21)

Awesome, simple/easy to learn, flexable, upgradable, usable all-around, powerful, but like any other language/everything in life, it's not perfect (so it's not a 10/10 because of that).

TBH though, in terms of learning/understanding, 10/10.

In a few months of learning, I can do a lot with basic Python knowledge; and basic JS took me longer to learn (and I forgot a bunch of JS, because I've been usinh Python much more, recently).

10/10 for beginner language/1st language.

But again, overall, 9.5/10 because I'm sure there are many who will argue that Python isn't perfect... and I'm sure there are some Python flaws.

fuzzyastrocat (1842)

1: Piece of dirty garbage, uses the absolutely idiotic strategy of interpreting instead of compiling. Laughably inefficient as a result. Real use cases are very limited.

Did I mention I'm not a fan of Python?

VulcanWM (2766)

i- ty! added it to my data @fuzzyastrocat

Coder100 (18185)

2 absolute garbage but at least its easy to learn

VulcanWM (2766)

i- ty! added it to my data @Coder100

ch1ck3n (2065)


make it 9 if it had a very good debugger built in

VulcanWM (2766)

ty! added it to my data @ch1ck3n

FloCal35 (668)

Also, what is this for

Just curious
VulcanWM (2766)

some school thing lmfao, i didnt bother emailing my class the form so I just thought i'd ask replit instead @FloCal35

IMayBeMe (478)

6 - useful for quick and dirty scripts, but terrible memory management and no low-level functionality. Useless beyond school projects and simple data analysis.


6 - Super simple and easy to learn, but slow and memory intensive with little to no low-level functionality and lacking async support

VulcanWM (2766)

ty! added it to my data @ANDREWVOSS

XanthusPettitt (10)

10 - I really enjoy it, its super easy to understand, and its fun!