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Support editing on VS Code with Remote SSH or some Replit extension?
anthonykung (40)

Can we get support for VS Code editing with Remote SSH extension? Or perhaps a Replit extension?

Replit has been very great at developing and testing applications but sometimes for a big project, you would want to have some shortcuts like multiline editing, multiple tabs, and side by side editing, and all the extensions and stuff.

I have been using git to push and pull on my local machine, editing the code locally and testing it on Replit, but that is a lot of work and a lot of unnecessary commits that fixed a simple typo...

Can we get a way to edit the code using VS Code while compiling and running on Replit? That would be super awesome.


Ahh that would be nice and would 100% use it

Coder100 (18109)

that's being planned,

ask @codemonkey51 he's making one