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Student Keyboard Disabled

I have a student using a Chromebook that sees a red cursor when trying to access their source code in She shares with me her code and I can edit, but she can’t. She presses the keys, but nothing happens on her screen

The keyboard works in other applications.

Thoughts or suggestions?


Does the student have this thing that says "Can't edit in readonly mode" when they try to type something? If so, it's a weird bug, and you can report it by pressing 'get help' in the side column:

And press 'report a bug':

You can also try to reload the page, which usually makes it work for me. :)

Good luck! :D


Thanks for the quick response. When the student shared her screen with me (remote class), I didn't see anything about readonly mode. Where would that appear?


@MarkLeffler It would appear in blue next to the cursor, like this:

If you don't see that, try reloading the page or report to bugs using the steps in my previous comment above.

Also, does the student own the repl? Maybe they have to fork it to edit it? Perhaps you could send a screenshot of what it looks like on their side, as well as yours. :)


As far as I know, the student owns the repl. I believe she created it herself. Attached is a screenshot of what she sees. The only thing missing is the red square wherever the cursor is located. When Yoanny shared her repl with me, I was able to edit it. She also told me she restarted the computer with the same result.


Okay, so If I understand correctly you can edit it but not the student? Can the student try to fork the repl? To do that, click the name of the repl on the top corner, click the 3 dots and press fork. This makes a copy of it. And they could also try to make another repl in the same language to see if it works :) @MarkLeffler


Thanks for the ideas. I'll suggest them to her when we get back to school this [email protected]


@MarkLeffler Sure, let me know if it works :)