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Stuck on the basics- can't see output in the console
lmilley (3)
I am trying to replicate what my prof did in class. I have a simple repl with bse python 3 code like this: (using Python as a calculator.
If I type it in the console it works, when I try and press the Run button the console seems to think for a second but only the prompt comes back.

I am missing something basic!

thanks for any help. I did try and look for an answer and googled a lot as well.


The run button in runs the program as a script and so, you don't see anything.
Use python shell or use the print() function to see the output.


@lmilley you're welcome.

pvaibhku (2)

What if i was using JS as my coding language and on clicking run button i was not able to see any output . It was the very first program of the DSA course and then on it was happening with other programs too .

Thank you !

supriyamishra (1)

I am a class 9 student from India, and just a beginner to coding .
I am trying to write the calculate code in the workspace but it isn't showing on the right side.
how to open a python shell (as written here \/) here in repl.